The National AGA – Asian Golf Association is an association managed by a group of volunteers from various AGA regions. Our mission is to help promote the game and rules of golf to all Asian golfers in the United States and Canada. One of National AGA’s goals is to bring all Asian golfers together once a year to build friendships within the various Asian Golf Associations.

The National AGA’s future goal is to help raise money for various Asian charities across the country. Giving back to the Asian communities will be a focal point of the National AGA Championship.

The National AGA was created in 2003 to supports the various Asian Golf Associations across the country. Each region has created their own association which they oversee the monthly tournaments and club activities for their members. The AGA was created so there can be a common thread between all of these various regional associations. The National AGA will be able to help other golfers around the country who want to establish their own regional association.

If there are any corporations or companies that would like to be a sponsor for the National AGA Championship and help the various charities, please email us.